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Where to start

Where to start


Do you have a budget? Short films can be produced for as little as £500. Length, location(s) and complexity of the editing all affect the final cost.


Do you have a script or do you need a writer? We can either work from your existing script or you may prefer us to help you start from scratch. The script will provide the basis for the shooting schedule and should be signed off before filming begins.


How long will the film be? You may only need a short and snappy film i.e. 1 to 2 minutes to best show off your service or product, or something longer may best suit instruction or training information.


Does any of the content already exist or do we need to create it all? If artwork such as logos, graphics or music is required then in what format does it exist and is it already cleared for use?


What style might work best for your product or service? e.g. presenter-led, voiceover, vox pop, testimonial, music? Presenter-led is more friendly and informal, or you may want us to produce a simple film just showing a product or event with a music background.


Who is involved? e.g. Company MD, staff, clients? Do you want to put a friendly face to your product or service? If so, who will work best?


How many locations are involved and where are they? Getting the location right is essential. If you’re selling a product or service then it must be shown in the most appropriate context. Is permission needed to shoot at a particular site? What about time of year and weather?


Are graphics required? Do you want to use simple text/2D or more complex 3D? Simple text can reinforce a message, however too many graphics can be confusing. Why show fussy charts or cartoon visuals when a strong image combined with crisp writing can often do the job better and look more professional (and be cheaper!).


What is the timescale – do you have a tight deadline? Consider when you would like to view the final edit before it is published. As the script has already been agreed, any changes to the final edit should be small and easy to make.


What format is needed for output? A digital copy for your website is most likely, but do you also require the video on DVD with duplicate copies for distribution? If so what about artwork and packaging?