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What we do

What we do

Promotion Videos Produced by News Professionals

LookoutMedia is run by BBC and ITV News Professionals. We specialise in telling stories by combining crisp script writing and the best possible pictures. We work fast to tight deadlines.

That means you get more value for your money because we need less time to complete the shoot and do the edit. Communication is our business – transferable skills that are a bonus in the corporate world.

Full Video Service

LookoutMedia offers a full service from the initial planning and scripting to the finished film ready for your Website or DVD duplication. Whether you want a simple promotional video shot by a Video Journalist or the full works using multiple cameras at various locations, we can help you.

Filming and production team

Affordable and Fast

In recent years two things have happened that mean many businesses can now afford high quality television-style promotion: The spread of high-speed broadband and the falling cost of broadcast quality video production equipment.

So now with the click of a mouse your website can instantly show a potential customer what your company has to offer – in glorious digital video, just like you see on the evening news.

Promote and Inform

A video is versatile. It can be used to demonstrate a product or service, information or training, recording an event or showing client testimonials. Short films can also be used as an in-house tool to communicate with staff. For example a video briefing can be used to inform staff about new products, Heath and Safety issues/announcements or updates about major events.

Commercial video production

Videos Work!

It has been proved that a visitor to a website is much more likely to watch a video than read pages of script – and especially if the film is well produced. A short, well-presented video can communicate much more than a printed document or email.

A video message can also work well as a more direct and personal way to communicate with clients. Viewers also stay longer on a website that features video – giving your company a greater chance to attract new business.