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LookoutMedia at Southampton University

LookoutMedia is now an official supplier of video production services for Southampton University.

After a lengthy and detailed tendering process, LookoutMedia beat off 30 competitors from as far away as Europe and Newcastle to be appointed one of four companies that will now produce videos for faculties across the whole of the university.

This is a prestigious contract that we worked hard to achieve and we are now looking forward to working on a variety of interesting projects.

The best investment you’ll ever make – a video for your website

A video for your website - return on investmentIf someone offered you a 10,000% return on your investment within a year then you’d probably think it was too good to be true, but that’s exactly what happened to one private school in Bournemouth.

In June last year St Thomas Garnet’s School asked LookoutMedia to produce a video to coincide with the planned launch of its new website.

The budget was tight – £1200 for what would be a six minute film shot in one day. So we opted to use a more cost effective Video Journalist, …and this is the result:

The film was on the website within the week and the return on the investment was instant. Over the next few weeks one child was signed up on the strength of the video alone – the parents didn’t even visit the school. Furthermore, six sets of parents told the headteacher that they decided to visit the school because they liked the video – those visits resulted in four new pupils. So, with fees averaging £6000 per year, £30,000 was generated within the first few weeks of the video being online – fees that can be directly attributed to that initial £1200 investment!

But it doesn’t stop there. The video continue to attract new pupils. For example, at the beginning of the last summer term eight new pupils joined the school – that’s a £48,000 investment at a time of year when most private schools fail to attract any new pupils at all! The headteacher maintains that in the year since the video has been online its been responsible for most of the new inquiries from the website – because that’s what the parents tell her.

So why wouldn’t any other private school, or similar business, make the same investment? The maths are simple!

Oh, by the way – all this despite the school website still needing to be updated!

You can see the video on our Sample Videos page.

A new website

A new website

LookoutMedia New WebsiteWe are excited at the launch of our new website. We hope you will find it more enjoyable to browse.

Please give us your feedback! How can we improve? What would you like to see?

Captain’s Club Christchurch Video

Filming in ChristchurchLookoutMedia has produced a video for one of the south’s best known contemporary hotels featuring one of the stars of ITV’s Dancing on Ice. Matt Evers partnered Heather Mills in the most recent series and has been a fan of the Captain’s Club Hotel in Christchurch since he attended the wedding there of former Hearsay star Suzanne Shaw.

The brief was simple: Matt Evers would present a tour of the Captain’s Club Hotel telling viewers why he loves it so much. The problem was Matt only had one day free from his Dancing on Ice National Tour and that was a date in potentially wet and chilly mid-April!

This raised two issues. First, if everything was going to be filmed in one (very long) day then we would need a tight script and an even tighter shooting schedule. Secondly, we needed a back-up plan if it rained. Fortunately, on the day the sun was shining so the back up plan was binned! We started with a breakfast meeting at 8 and finished in time for dinner 12 hours later.

The 6 minute video was delivery a few days later and the client is very pleased with the result fact the word was ‘fabulous’. Take a look yourself on our sample videos page or on Captain’s Club website:

Dolphin Coaches Video

Dolphin Coach VideoOne of the longest established coach companies in the south of England now has a new video produced by LOOKOUTMEDIA to advertise its UK and European tours. Dolphin Coaches has a full programme of events for 2010/11 and the video was designed to target it’s existing very large and loyal client base.

Dolphin’s new commercial will be shown on board it’s fleet of buses and coaches. It’s a presenter-led film featuring images from the wide variety of destinations in the UK and Europe.

The budget was tight so the presenter links were filmed locally the many images needed for the 6 minute commercial were provided by the client and have been greatly enhanced by the use of royalty-free music.

The video was issued on a set of DVDs with a menu incorporating the companies existing industry-standard safely film. A video link was also supplied for the companies website.

Motivational Speaker Video Showreel

Video ShowreelOne of Dorset’s leading motivational speakers is delighted with the showreel that we’ve designed and produced for him. The commission was spread over a number of weeks as we travelled to film him as various venues. Andy Edwards also provided some of his own material that was shot ‘in house’ by conference organisers.

Andy Edwards is a man with a message and he chose LOOKOUTMEDIA to get that message to a wider audience. Andy was keen to show that his motivational speaking is inspirational, informative and entertaining. Getting the balance right was important and he’s delighted with what we’ve achieved. After a lengthy meeting to discuss how Andy would like the Showreel to look and feel, we filmed Andy at two of his motivational events and then on location for a further set of soundbites.

However, as Andy’s budget was tight we also used some of his existing material that had been shot by third parties at various conferences over the past couple of years. The result is a four minute showreel that demonstrates how it’s possible to communicate a strong message using simple graphics and special effects in a way where the content is not overshadowed by the packaging.

The showreel has been duplicated on DVD and was also provided as a QuickTime Movie for his website.

Click here to see a sample of the video.

Adbruf Ltd Marketing & Instructional Videos

Adbruf Ltd Marketing and instructional videoWe’ve now completed a major project of nine marketing and instructional videos for Adbruf Ltd – a multi-million pound company that is a world leader in the design and manufacture of specialist road surface products.

LookoutMedia’s track record in using simple language and clear pictures to explain complex procedures was what clinched the deal with Adbruf Ltd. Then the hard work began; to film and edit nine lengthy videos to market and explain their products. Adbruf sell their road surfacing and marking products all over the world and wanted clear and simple videos that demonstrated, step by step, how their products should be installed.

Due to the complex nature of the products and their installation procedures, there were many lengthy script meetings before filming could begin. Planning and detailed preparation were key to this successful commission and meant that we were able to film all the material required in just two days – thanks also to our news background and ability to shoot fast and to a deadline.

The result is four demonstration videos and a further five marketing videos. In total, nearly an hour of promotional video has now been produced for the company’s website and for DVD duplication.

A short version can be seen on our sample video page.

St Thomas Garnet’s School Promotional Video

St Garnet School Promotional VideoSix months after delivered the promotional video for St Thomas Garnet’s School the school reports that the video alone has been responsible for attracting four new pupils to the school and the video has also been a contributing factor for a further significant number of parents choosing the school for their children.

It took just one week for the video we produced for St Thomas Garnet’s School to pay for itself! That’s because one set of parents signed up their child solely on the strength of the video content with the annual school fees paid totalling more then the cost of the video!

Furthermore, by the end of 2009 the school reported that four new pupils had been signed up following viewings of the video, and a significant number of parents have told the head teacher that they decided to visit the school because they liked what they saw in the video. These new pupils account for tens of tens of thousands of pounds in new revenue and it’s likely that none of them would have been attracted to the school without the video.

The economies of scale at the school (and at most other independent schools) mean that each additional child up to the maximum class size is pure profit. At present this equates to at least a six-fold return on the schools investment.

The six minute video features on the school website and a further 100 DVDs were supplied for inclusion in the Summer 2009 School Prospectus Pack. The school has now asked LookoutMedia to redesign its website to further exploit the success of the video.

Click here to see a sample of the video!

Lovett International Promotional Video

Promotional VideoLovett International is so impressed with our promotional and information video commissioned for their website that the company is now playing it on a continuous loop in all its sales offices. Director Max De Kement says “it’s so good it’s like watching the news”.

The remit was simple; provide a 4-6 minute video that explains what we do. The first task was to turn a ten page document of information into a tight, concise, informative and interesting script – and then produce a shooting schedule where everything could be filmed in one day – a tall order! But that’s what we do everyday for the News!

The result is a simple edit using testimonials from clients and brief passages of text to emphasize the important information being communicated. The client is delighted.

Check out a short version of the video on our sample videos page.

Salisbury Vision – Aspirational Film

Salisbury Vision - Aspirational Video ProductionWhen Salisbury District Council wanted a video to communicate its ideas for the future development of the town it chose LookoutMedia to produce the film.  With a background in Broadcast News, LookoutMedia was the ideal choice to convey complex and often controversial issues in a simple and attractive eight minute feature.

Using crisp scriptwriting and the best pictures, along with an experienced Presenter, we achieved the objective – an aspirational film showing how the Vision could improved the town for residents, visitors and business.

After the script was agreed and a shooting schedule completed, all of the filming was done in one day – that’s the benefit of using TV News Professionals! The video was produced in conjunction with Deep South Media – a partnership which also successfully produced the Bournemouth Vision film.

See a short version of the film on our sample videos page.