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A ‘News’ style Promotional Video

Although we’re increasingly busy with out Broadcasting and MoD/NATO commitments we do still manage to find time to put together promotional videos for our corporate clients. On a rare sunny day in October we filmed a quick-fire video for a firm that provides a puncture prevention solution. It was produced in partnership with out colleagues at Hallmark Productions and is a good example of how an effective ‘news-style’ message can be produced for under £1000.

A News style Promotional Video

Reporter Calm Under Pressure!

Spare a thought for Lookoutmedia’s Richard Slee who was incredibly patient and composed whilst attempting to get a clean ‘Piece to Camera’! Richard was covering the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge for ITV News and had already been awake for more than 20 hours when the fun began. Incredibly, just 48 hours after he put this on Facebook it had been seen by more than 100,000 people and been shared more than 1000 times.

In the News with the Prime Minister!

David Cameron was in Portsmouth last week visiting the Royal Navy Base and so were we – on assignment for ITV News. It makes a change for us to share some of our work for Broadcast News – ITV and the BBC are regular clients. In the past year we’ve also seen an increase in demand for Media Training – mainly TV News scenarios and crisis management – working with Crown Media.

Unfortunately, due to client confidentiality we’re unable to share those examples – which is a shame as it’s been quite exciting working with the Army, Royal Navy and the RAF among others! So for now have a look at an example of our Television News Journalism.

Laser Eye Surgery – In The News!

Well it’s been a very busy summer for the team at LookoutMedia with broadcasting taking up most of our time – working for BBC and ITV News. In the corporate world we’ve also been doing more work with the Ministry of Defence alongside our partners Unfortunately, much as we’d love to show you what fun we’ve been having with the Army and Royal Navy, sadly we’re not allowed to because of the sensitive nature of the various projects.

So instead, with controversy about laser eye surgery very much in the news, it’s seems an appropriate time to share this report that we did for ITV News about 5 or 6 years ago – a guide to selecting the best eye surgeon.

A Speedy Cut Down of Guy Martin!

Reducing a one hour long programme to just three minutes to highlight the involvement of the University of Southampton was a tough challenge. But this is where our journalism come in useful and the client is very happy with the result.

On the beach and in the river with environmental scientists

LookoutMedia has produced a video for the university of Southampton to promote Environmental Science. A video journalist spent 3 days with first year students on their field course in Devon and despite it raining for two of those days we still managed to produce a cheerful looking video!

Time for a video about clocks!

LookoutMedia has produced 8 short videos for the UK’s leading clock supplier. Each video was presented in an informal, friendly style by the client. Precise planning and ‘nailed-down’ scripts meant that all the videos could be filmed in one (very long) day.

Working out at just £125 per video, they represent excellent value for money for the client – and will help with his Google rankings!

Bird’s Eye Sky Camera

We’ve been lucky enough to have been involved in some very interesting projects for the Ministry of Defence and Dorset Police in recent months – the only down side is that we’re not allowed to use the footage for our own publicity purposes!

So instead take a look at a new ‘bird’s eye’ service we now offer at very reasonable rates. Our ‘sky camera’ footage can add something a bit special to a project. Of course some locations are restricted and it’s very much weather dependant.

Bird Eye Sky Camera

Top Marks On A Budget!

LookoutMedia was commissioned by our partners, Deep South Media, to produce a budget-price video with a very short deadline to promote a new Primary School.

One week later, following a meeting with the client, a five hour shoot by a video journalist and a single day edit the school was delighted with the result – with no changes required!

The video was shown during an open evening for local residents and is now on the Avonbourne School website.

Avonwood Video

Six Sweaty Videos!

Spare a thought for us at LookoutMedia… at the height of July’s heat wave with temperatures soaring above 30 degrees Celsius we were beavering away under hot lights filming promotional videos for GAS FIRES! It wasn’t all bad thought – our client was also selling fridge freezers.

However, everything had to be filmed in a showroom without windows and with the air conditioning turned off (too noisy) …so still a bit of a sweat! But the client was happy – 6 videos filmed in one day and delivered in HD the next week. Thank goodness for autocue!

Focal Point Fires